The Kodiaks Football Program is a non-profit society that operates in Prince George, with players from communities surrounding Prince George and Vanderhoof. We provide elite-level football development to create sporting opportunities for young athletes to be able to compete at the regional, provincial, and national level. Our organization takes pride in ensuring that all athletes have access to our programming by working with our communities to create accessibility and equity.

A Message from the President

On behalf of the Prince George Kodiaks Board of Directors and Board of Governors I welcome you, OUR FANS, to our Inaugural Season in the British Columbia Football Conference. It has taken numerous volunteers and staff a tremendous amount of time, effort, and passion to be able to bring the highest level Football possible to Northern BC. We appreciate your support.

Our coaching staff lead by Coach Keon have assembled a talented group of players that come from all walks of life, from all corners of Canada and even a few from overseas. Our players have dedicated themselves to being the best on and off the field and representing the Kodiaks, Prince George and Northern BC on a national stage. Our games are sure to be exciting and action packed as we look to challenge for the Cullen Cup on route to the Canadian Bowl.

The Kodiaks are a culmination of the hard work and effort by so many parents, players, coaches, and volunteers over the last twenty plus years. The Kodiaks look to build upon their legacy and continue to grow, develop and provide opportunities through the sport of football for everyone. We strive to be a positive influence and help in the mentoring and development of our youth. In the end we look to play a role in them becoming good parents, leaders, employees, coaches and humans and giving back to OUR community.

Finally, I am grateful for you the FANS for your support of the newest team in Canada. The Kodiaks have been supported by our amazing donors, sponsors, advertisers and the people of Northern BC. As a Community Owned Not-For-Profit we could not make this possible without their support.

Enjoy the 2022 Inaugural Season...THE NORTH IS HERE...GO KODIAKS GO!

- President Craig Briere

Placeholder football player


Welcome to the 2022 Prince George Kodiaks Inaugural football season. The beginningof a new era of football in northern British Columbia. The long-awaited anticipation ofKodiaks is now upon us, and we build a community through football and a pathway forplayers to achieve their goals and chase their dreams.


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